tmx-dr-api : software for the Timex Bodylink Iron Man


tmx-dr-api is the library used to interface the Timex Data Recorder to a PC, in order to download running sessions data, heartrate and GPS infos.

tmx-dr-api (a.k.a. Logger.dll)  is the official program developed by the Timex Corporation for its Iron Man Range of watches and used in the Timex Trainer.
It is designed to run on  Microsoft Windows.  tmx-dr-api does not include an end-user application, the afore-mentionned Timex Trainer serving that purpose. 

As for early 2008, the original Logger.dll code is being adapted to go multi-platform, running on Windows, Linux, and MacOS X. Called Logger2 or libtimexdr, this project is on-going.

Installation and use

To build Logger.dll, you'll need 

To build libtimexdr, you will need the tools mentionned above on Windows.
On linux, you must have libusb installed and on MacOS X, xcode is the only piece of requirements.


You can download the documentation and the Logger.dll either as a compiled ready-to-go binary or as source. The downloads are available here.

libtimexdr is accessible solely from the SVN repository.


If you find bugs or would like to suggest improvements or just give some general feedback, please use the forums  of Sourceforge found here.


      tmx-dr-api, is published under the Open Software License.
      Copyright (C) 2007, Timex Corporation.

      Portions of the multi-platform libtimexdr is published under the GNU General Public License v2 and is based of code taken from s710
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